Emotionally Thriving With Money

Launching February 3rd ~ Space is Limited

Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns with money? 

  • You’ve tried to set a budget but just can’t stick to it 
  • You’ve struggled with overspending
  • Maybe even thinking about money brings you some tension
  • You’re repeating the same unhealthy patterns, year after year
  • Perhaps this has even been a repeated source of conflict in your relationships

If you identify with any of the above, the issue may not just be with how you manage your money. There could be emotional reasons that keep you stuck, not able to get ahead.

To help people make real financial progress in 2023, Brian Johnson, a Money Coach, and Jennifer Schrappe, a Clinical Counselor, have put together a course called Emotionally Thriving With Money to address these struggles head on.  It’s a six-month coaching program in which cohorts will meet regularly over Zoom for live trainings, inspiration, and support. These trainings will not only teach sound financial management, but will also equip participants to thrive emotionally with their money.

In this coaching program, participants will gain:

  • A better understanding around their struggles with finances
  • A tried and true roadmap for successful money management
  • Inspiration, support, and encouragement from fellow cohort members, as well as learning they aren’t the only ones with money struggles
  • Healing and peace in areas where there have been long-standing struggles with money
  • A self-compassionate and ~chill~ way to manage their finances

~We are launching February 3rd, and space is limited ~

Interested? Join us for a free webinar on an upcoming Friday at 12:00 EST! 


Or for more information, email Jennifer at [email protected] or Brian at [email protected]

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