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Entrepreneurship, Recovery and Emotional Health - Making It All Come Together


For those walking a journey of recovery AND starting or growing a business, there are particular challenges in maintaining sobriety while doing so.  These specific challenges can increase the temptation to self-soothe with the old addictive ways.

There are simple steps people can take to more solidly maintain sobriety while getting past those obstacles and achieving their goals!

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain increased understanding of how the stresses of running a business exacerbate the challenges of maintaining recovery and/or solid emotional health
  • Attain a more self-compassionate and intuitive way of managing emotions
  • Learn simple steps to better manage those times of heightened stress in running a business, so as not to resort to the old unhealthy patterns

Making Things More “Equil”...Achieving Greater Emotional Equilibrium


Whether we fully understand it or not, our emotional system is affecting our thoughts, attitudes and actions throughout the day.  We may not be fully aware until something has really gone off the rails and we find ourselves incredibly stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and/or depressed.  

What if there were a different approach to managing this system, in a way that brings greater understanding, reduces stress, and achieves more balance?  Well, there is, and not only can it be taught in short order, it can bring a complete perspective shift that is freeing. 

Learning objectives:

  1. Learn how emotions may be interfering with the day-to-day
  2. Develop a better understanding of, as well as a working relationship with, the emotional system
  3. Achieve greater productivity, interpersonal relationships, and life satisfaction through more effective emotional management


“Jennifer is a natural public speaker. She is someone who quickly draws her listeners in and keeps them captivated. Jennifer speaks boldly with passion, peace, and intentionality. It is always a joy to be in the audience listening to her.”

-Rev. Laura Johnson

“Jennifer presented flawlessly. She drew in her entire audience. I highly recommend her as a speaker!"

Lori McGuire, LISW-S

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